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Guenther, Ed. Request for Comments: Sendmail, Inc. Obsoletes: T. Showalter, Ed. Please refer to the current edition of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" STD 1 for the standardization state and status of this protocol. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


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Please refer to the current edition of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" STD 1 for the standardization state and status of this protocol. There are three types of arguments: positional, tagged, matcnes optional. Match Type Commands that perform string comparisons may have an optional match type argument. Abstract This document describes a language for filtering messages at time of final delivery. If the argument is ":under", and the size of the message is less than the provided, the test is true; otherwise, it is false.

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Therefore, all implementations have at least the "comparator-i;octet" and "comparator-i;ascii-casemap" capabilities. This line describes the usage of the command, including its name and its arguments.

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There are a of reasons to use a filtering system. It may be inconvenient or undesirable to enter Unicode characters verbatim, and for these cases the syntax encoded-unicode-char can be used.

Can i mail matches

The items we can carry under certain criteria are: Alcoholic Beverages Animal products, non-domesticated e. Guenther, Ed.

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If implementations fail to support the above behavior, they MUST conform to the following: No two strings can be considered equal if one contains octets greater than When an error happens, implementations MUST notify the user that an error occurred and which actions if any were taken, and do an implicit keep. The "From" header refers to a line beginning "From:" or "From :", etc. Extended Example Blanks, horizontal tabs, CRLFs, and comments "whitespace" are ignored except as they separate tokens.

It also never acts on group names, although it does act on the addresses within the group construct. If the specified mailbox doesn't exist, the implementation MAY treat it as an error, create the mailbox, or deliver the message to an implementation-defined mailbox. Capability string are case- sensitive; for example, "foo" and "FOO" Wife swapping in Tumacacori AZ different capabilities. Parsing The Sieve grammar is separated into tokens and a separate grammar as most programming languages are.

Additional rules are supplied here for common arguments to various language facilities. If the test of "elsif" is true, it runs the elsif's block.

Prohibited items

Test Lists Some tests "allof" and "anyof", which implement logical "and" and logical "or", respectively may require more u a single test as an argument. None of the actions specified in this document meet that criteria, but extension actions may.

Can i mail matches

Bracketed comments may span multiple lines. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

Prohibited and restricted items - advice for personal customers

A simple script can be used for redirecting all mail: Example: redirect "bart example. This means that the test 'exists "To"' is equivalent to the test 'exists ["To"]'. A test matchss is used as part of a control command. Implementations MAY msil to do a full parse, then evaluate the script, then do all actions. However, it is expected that GUI-based editors will be the preferred way of editing filters for a large of users.

When the interpreter sees an "if", it evaluates the test associated with it. These optional arguments are ":localpart", ":domain", and ":all", which act on the local-part left sidethe domain-part right sideand the whole address. The grammar in section 8. Quoted strings MAY span multiple lines.

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However, implementations MUST accept all strings that match the grammar in section 8. No header will match the string "From:" due to the trailing colon. Initial Capability Registrations Any extensions to this language MUST define a capability string that uniquely identifies that extension. The "comparator-" prefix is an example of this.

Internet addresses [ IMAIL ] have the somewhat awkward characteristic that the local-part to the left of the at- is considered case sensitive, and the domain-part to the right of the at- is case insensitive. Each command consists of a set of tokens delimited by whitespace.

De 2. Obsoletes: T.

Can i mail matches

It is meant to be extensible, simple, and independent of access protocol, mail architecture, and operating system. Security Considerations In order to specify what type of match is supposed to happen, commands that support matching take optional arguments ":matches", ":is", and ":contains". The other separators are single individual characters and are mentioned explicitly in the grammar.

Optional arguments are listed inside square brackets "[" and "]".

Language selection

Implementations MUST perform syntactic, semantic, and run-time checks on code that is actually executed. If left unspecified, the default is "i;ascii-casemap". Implementations MUST support fifteen levels of nested test lists.

Can i mail matches

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